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报告题目:On the Formation of Free Trade Agreements

报 告 人:Xinghe Wang密苏里大学哥伦比亚分校教授

主 持 人:陈有华  教授

时    间:2019年1016日(星期二) 上午9:30

地    点:经济管理学院602



This paper studies the formation of two-country free trade agreements (FTAs) in a four-country model. Countries are divided into two types with each type having the same market size and the same cost of production. Both symmetric FTAs between countries of the same type and asymmetric FTAs between countries of different types are investigated. It is found that i) countries in the same regions are always interested in forming FTAs, but such symmetric FTAs may or may not always improve the welfare of all countries; and ii) countries in different regions do not always have incentives to form FTAs



Dr. Xinghe Wang is a Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA. He received his BS in mathematics from Nankai University, China, and MS in mathematics and PhD in economics from the University of Iowa, USA. Dr. Wang has conducted research on a wide range of topics in microeconomics, game theory, and industrial organization. His research has been published in International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, and other journals. His current research topics include mixed oligopoly and applications, the economics of peer-to-peer markets, and standardization and network effects